According to its authorities, stresses a balanced approached to life intertwining training, family and social responsibility and responsibility towards one's work or education.
It consists of more than a hundred different techniques of kicking, striking, twisting and throwing as well as joint lock and pressure point tedmiques.
After School
Our after school program that teaches courtesy, self-control, integrity, respect, perseverance, discipline, and self defense.
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Dear Parents...

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I know that you are here because you are thinking about martial arts lessons for your child. You are probably wondering how Tae Kwon Do will benefit them and what it takes to get started.

This website is designed to be your guide. It will answer the most common questions that parents have and share with you the experience of happy families already involved in Tae Kwon Do. Most of all, it will explain in detail how Tae Kwon Do will improve your child's fitness, increase their self-esteem, and sharpen their focus in such a powerful way that it will benefit them throughout their life!